Still Swimming in a sea of advice and internet searches trying to solve your biggest business issue?

I got you!

I’m ready to hear your ideas, be your cheerleader, sounding board, and dare I say it – friend. I’m ready  to sit across the (digital) table from you and watch your #BreakthroughBusinessMoment as it happens.

Kaitlin Stammetti Wedding Planner and Business Coach

Let Me Tell you Why...

When I was a kid I was dying for some new jeans. My mom had just about had it with raising three girls who were too fashionable for their own good (j/k it was in the 90s we were wearing awful stuff).

To ease the strain on her purse and start me off in the right direction she made me get a worker’s permit and a job at Old Navy at age 15. I went on to work for GAP Inc well past college but never in my life did I hold down one job at a time.

From hostess, to RA, to babysitting I was alway juggling jobs, school, and a social life.

And I loved it!

They say it’s rude to ask a woman her age so I’m gonna do ya a favor and come right out and say it – I graduated from college in 2008. (Ok, so that’s not my exact age but you can probably do the math.)

More importantly, you can probably tell a lot about me just from knowing when I graduated and maybe even tell why I’m a business coach. But just in case you’re great at math and not extrapolating career trajectories I’ll break it down for ya: 


If you’re anything like me... 

…you were told the key to success in life was education (which is true) and in order to have a successful education you needed to go to college (which, you don’t). So I did. 

“Go to college” they said “You’ll get any job you could dream of” they promised. Then came the great financial fall out and the recession that followed. The “all you need is a degree to get a job” quickly turned into “sorry, you’re too over qualified and we can’t afford to pay you.”  

Sounding familiar? (*cough* COVID layoffs *cough*).

So I sat in my bedroom at my parent’s house the summer after my college graduation and applied for literally anything I could for a solid 3 months and FINALLY I landed a full time position at an Eye Doctor’s Office with on the job training that required a high school diploma. But it was a job.

From there I took every single opportunity that came my way...

Stock manager with a 5 am shift?…I’ll take it. 

Corporate Event Planner that definitely already knows how to make a pivot table?…Let’s do it. 

Venue manager for a brand new wedding venue in the center of downtown that starts in the middle of wedding season?…What could go wrong? 

Full time Manager of the First Brick and Mortar NPR Store in the middle of Washington, DC?…Hell yes! 

Catering Manager with a 50 hour minimum work week?…Why not? 

By the time I was 30 I had held down a dozen different jobs from all kinds of fields with a ton of different co-workers and bosses. I had mentored, asked for advice, problem solved and managed up until I was blue in the face. Then I got laid off.  To be honest, I felt so free. 

Ok, first I felt terrified and cried a lot – but then I felt free! 

Wedding Industry Business Coach Kaitlin Stammetti

On to... #Entrepreneurlife

I went on to work as a consultant for other planners and venues and caterers and as I saw all of these people working so hard to make their dreams come true in their own businesses I knew I wanted in on it. I filed for my LLC and Rowan Lane Events was born! 

Planning events, working with clients, and meeting new vendors was hard work but it was rewarding too. 

I went to so many conferences and networking events to further my education in my field and every time I was chatting with someone the same question kept cropping up: Have you ever thought about coaching? 

At first I fully (probably rudely too, now that I’m looking back at it) dismissed this idea. Who was I to be a resource for anyone? What had I even done that could be used to help others? But when I introduced myself to other entrepreneurs and told bits of my story and how I got into wedding planning the same thing came up over and over. Coaching. 

Eventually, after over hearing me give another entrepreneur some business advice, a good friend and mentor sat me down (seriously she physically placed me at a table with her and a notepad) and helped me flesh out the idea for the #BreakthroughBusinessMoment . I did a few free sessions to see how it was going to go and I was hooked.

Business Coach Kaitlin Stammetti and son Briggs

- Enter COVID -

Y’all – despite my love for helping business owners it took over a year and a FREAKIN’ pandemic to force me to pivot hard in my business. 

If you’re anything like me COVID has been devastating for your business. We saved for a rainy day. We priced ourselves at what we were worth (and added tax!), we even varied our offerings to meet the needs of our clients or focused on our new niche as we became more proficient at our craft. 

But in the end, it didn’t matter. Nothing could have prepared us for this time in history and I’m here to say very loudly: it is not our fault. 

If you’ve made it this far and you’re starting to think “So what now?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  

The difference between people that get to live their dream and those that stay stuck in this pandemic is taking imperfect action. 

The truth is, you are a Freakin’ Badass Entrepreneur. You have a buttload of ideas and know-how and talent and your greatest time is just around the corner. Your pivot of the century is on the tip of your tongue and it’s about to go down. I would hate to see the world miss out on what you have to offer because of a hill that looks like a mountain from where you are standing. 


If you’re ready for your #BreakthroughBusinessMoment, let’s freakin’ do this! 

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